Host a Virtual Book Fair

What is a Virtual Book Fair?

A Virtual Book Fair is a quick and easy way for a school or childcare centre to run a Book Fair. Each Fair has a selection of books and developmental games which parents and staff can purchase for the family or to donate to school or classroom libraries. EVERYTHING IS DISCOUNTED: UP TO 70% OFF. The books and educational toys are all high quality.

Why would a school or centre run a Virtual Book Fair?

The school or centre which runs a Virtual Fair can select books and products from librarians only website to the value of 20% of the value of all purchases. Staff and parents have opportunities to buy high quality books and games at great discounts. The books and developmental games are of high quality, and are discounted up to 70% off RRP.

What are the books like?

Each fair has hundreds of titles selected to support family reading and learning, including picture books, early readers, novels, non-fiction, literacy and mathematical games, and board books. New Books are added daily as they become available. The range includes the newest books for the keen reader, a selection of new releases of interest to librarians, a beautiful range of gift and presentation books (grandparents will love them!) plus a small selection of reading for teens.

Who can participate?

Virtual Fairs are open to parents, grandparents, friends and staff of schools and child-care centres which are customers of Carnival. The school or centre is supplied with marketing material to add to newsletters to direct parents, grandparents and staff to the Virtual Book Fair site.

When can a school run a Virtual Fair?

Anytime! You select the start and end date of your fair. The school can choose whether to take the freight-free option of a school consolidated delivery. Otherwise orders can be sent directly to the customers.

Payment for and delivery of books

The Virtual Fair operates on a payment-with-order system. Parents can pay using a credit card if they order online. Purchases are delivered freight-free to the school for distribution (if the school chooses to have this option available), or parents can choose a ship-to-home option if they are happy to pay a small freight charge.

What does the school have to do?

  • A month or so before, the school selects the date for the Virtual Fair, and nominates a contact person.
  • In the weeks leading up to the Virtual Fair, the school/centre advertises it to its community through the school newsletters, in the staff rooms and by teachers talking to students.
  • After the Virtual Fair closes, we will compile the orders. We will ship the books to the contact person at the school, with a list of who ordered what. Or we will send items direct to home for parents who have elected that option.
  • We will send you your Virtual Fair book commission summary. You will then be able to go online and purchase your books using your book commission credit.

Who do I talk to about my Virtual Book Fair?

Call Carnival on 02 9457 1170 at the office or please contact us here


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