Carnival Fairs
Book Fairs for Australian Schools
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Terms and Conditions for All Book Fairs

Please note: These terms and conditions are applicable to all booked fairs.
  • Cancelations within two weeks of the despatch date will incur a $200.00 fee
  • Cancelations after the book fair has been despatched will incur a $200.00 fee plus the freight and handling costs
  • Reorders of books must take place whilst your fair is open. They cannot be ordered after the fair
  • Carnival Book Fairs will only be supplied to schools running one fair at time. A Carnival Book Fair cannot be held in conjunction with another fair
  • Fiction for Older Readers in Carnival Book Fairs:
  • Carnival Fairs includes a small number of fiction titles suitable for older readers. This is following requests from primary schools for fiction that their more mature Year Six students, and those in OC classes, would like to read. Librarians should be aware that there are some titles for this group included in our book fairs. As a guide, the fiction that would be included in the CBCA Older Readers section would the type of material that we would look to select for the purpose outlined above
  • We will despatch re-orders to your school in one shipment following your book fair. If there is a particular title that is delayed by the publisher, the delivery to the school will await the arrival of this book from the publisher.
  • Eftpos machines are a limited resource and are only issued to selected schools with high sales values 
  • Carnival Book Fairs are designed for the books to be sold directly to the children. We do not issue Book fairs to run as a "Donation Fair"
  • Books that are taken as commission are to be selected within 6 months of the Fair Open Date
  • The Book List we provide, acts as a guide and indicates a wide selection of titles from which our fair selection is made. It changes frequently and is not a guarantee of the books that will be selected for your fair
  • To be eligible to redeem any promotional offers, your book fair must have sold a minimum of $2000.00
  • If a book fair is sent to a school and the book fair isn't held by the school, a $200.00 fee plus the freight and handling costs will be incurred
  • Any book requests following the closure of a book fair will incur a minimum fee of $8.50 postage and handling