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Commitment to Literacy

We are committed to promoting literacy.

Carnival Book Fairs organizes author events and book launches. Typically, a host school volunteers a venue and helps us to welcome other Carnival customers from around the area to the event. Here are some of the authors we have brought to schools in the past few years.

  • Gretel Kileen loved meeting hundreds of students at St Francis Xavier School in Montmorency, Victoria and Wattle Grove Public Schools in NSW to launch her book 'Very Naughty Mother Goes Invisible'.
  • Anthony Horowitz had 500 Melbourne students helping him with ideas for his fifth Alex Rider novel 'Scorpio' at Milgate Primary School.
  • Bonnie Bryant visited from New York and delighted students at Essex Heights Primary and Sandringham East Primary with her insights into the popular 'Saddle Club' and 'Pony Tales' series of novels.
  • Andy Griffiths met students from 20 schools at Brighton Grammer delighting them with his 'Zombie Bums from Uranus'.
  • Duncan Ball delighted over 500 children from 17 different schools with Selby jokes and Emily Eyefinger adventures at Essex Heights Primary School.